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Since he was a little ‘nipper’, following an encounter with a particular ‘Extra Terrestrial’ on the big screen, Brad’s passion for filmmaking was ignited, and as soon as he left school he pursued all and any experience he could gain in theatre, film and TV.  Taking him through the camera department before moving into the cutting room, Brad worked on shows and movies for Universal, Icon Entertainment, Film 4 and BBC to name a few.  He then started directing shorts and music videos featuring artists such as The Stereo MCs and Amy Studt. 

To get his feature film stripes, he wrote and directed the micro budget horror comedy ASYLUM NIGHT, winning the Tromafling award for ‘Best UK Feature’ at the Edinburgh Festival, prompting Kim Newman of Empire Magazine to liken him to ‘early Peter Jackson’. Brad couldn’t have imagined a higher compliment!  

Soon followed the Silver Melies nominated feature film BEACON77 (The 7th DIMENSION in the U.K.), released theatrically in the UK and in over 15 other countries.  With this high concept thriller, Brad showed his ability to not let a limited budget hold back his visual ideas, with Total Film Magazine indicating Brad as ‘one to watch’ and Black Static Magazine seeing echoes of ‘John Carpenter and Terry Gilliam’ in his work.

Embracing his love for John Carpenter (and comparison), his next feature film, HALLOWS EVE, was premiered at London’s Frightfest and invited to screen at the BFI before its release on NETFLIX, HULU, AMAZON and SKY.  The film was well received for its loving tribute and references to the afore mentioned director of Halloween, and also its soundtrack (composed by Brad).

After directing a segment of the Anthology Movie, FOR WE ARE MANY for Hex Media and not wanting to be pigeon holed in the horror genre, Brad next made a conscious effort to direct comedy, and the multi award winning web series, QUICK FIX, was the result, which garnered Brad a ‘Best Comedy Editing’ award at the New Jersey Webfest. He was most pleased with this particular nod for this particular genre. 


In 2020 Brad was brought on to direct MISS WILLOUGHBY AND THE HAUNTED BOOKSHOP for MSR Media International and LIONSGATE,  starring KELSEY GRAMMER, NATHALIE COX, CAROLINE QUENTIN and TARA FITZGERALD, affording him the opportunity to delve into his love of ‘old school family fun’, the likes of which that little ’nipper’, who was blown away by that little alien, grew up with.  MISS WILLOUGHBY's release in the UK and USA garnered much success, reaching no 3 in the USA iTunes family chart.

2022 was the year Brad was able to express himself in his other favourite genre, with the full on action movie, THE SIEGE distributed through SABAN and very well received by the target audience as a return to fun yet brutal entertainment. In 2023 Brad returns to horror with the 
psychological thriller I'LL PLAY MOTHER for Number 44 productions starring 'Goodnight Mother's' SUSANNE WUEST and Dr Who's JO MARTIN.  Brad is currently attached to several more projects and continues to be a much sought after editor on other filmmakers projects. 

Willoughby EPK clip about Brad


The Siege

"... delivers more action in the first half hour than most films deliver in their entire running time."


"...a fun watch with enough hard R rated action to satisfy the most jaded action cinema fan."


Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Book Store

“…. ravishing set designs, not to mention the allure of the gorgeous locations, which are beautifully, cleanly captured by Watson’s tasteful visualism”


Hallows Eve

". . .A slasher film for us Brits - finally. A must-see for genre fans, saturated with references to the classics with plenty of scares."


Beacon77 (the 7th Dimension)

". . .genuinely fascinating and highly enjoyable... Director Brad Watson might be the next Terry Gilliam or John Carpenter."



". . .solid supernatural entertainment with laudable gravitas."



". . .an ambition that marks Watson out as one to watch."


Asylum Night

“. . .towers over most American efforts at this level, as it segues from semi-serious creepy picture to knockabout pisstake in early Peter Jackson style."


“. . .what a debut! This film is a crazy, witty, intelligent, blood-soaked and triumphant tour de force...the horror world has waiting too long for genius like this! 


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